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Read On To Find Out How You Can Skip The Product Development And Yet Still Profit Wildly From One Of The Internet's Biggest Markets!

(Hint: There's No Need For You To Keep Stock Or Manually Deliver Products And Your Profit Margin Is Close To 100%!)

Dear Fellow Marketer 

How would you like to make huge profits (as in potentially thousands of dollars) from tapping into one of the world's LARGEST demands,

You DON'T have to keep stock of any product in your garage let alone manually deliver them to your customers, i
n fact, your delivery process can be fully automated.

And wouldn't you love it even more if every web page you own was squeezing every ounce of money from your visitors - day in, day out - even while you are away from your computer?

Does it sound Unbelievable?

There are lots of brick and mortar business owners who are struggling to keep every ounce of profits they make. Yet would you believe you could easily be pocketing close to 100% in profits from every sale you make - and from the comfort of your own home!

Well you'd better believe it b
ecause that's the gospel truth, only IF you know exactly what to do!

Since I'm very well acquainted with the nature of the Health Market, it's no small wonder I have increased my income explosively just by leveraging what I know on to the Internet to reach out to more and more prospects than I could ever have possibly done offline.

And the irony is I DON'T sell any physical product whatsoever over the Internet to achieve all of the above mentioned. In fact, I sell information. That's the secret which enables me to enjoy profit margins close to 100% and automate the delivery process of the digital products so I don't have to stock items or manually send them to my customers!

Sometimes I take a back seat and play the role of an active referral/affiliate marketer, where I build content-rich web sites related to the health niche and make money from affiliate programs and PPC programs such as Adsense. Now if you're wondering whether huge amounts of people ACTUALLY do buy information about health on the Internet, I'll let our research below answer your questions...

 Here Are Some Rough Ideas On How HUGE The Health Niche and Your Potential Income Really Is!

Overture Search for keyword "Alzheimer's Disease".

Overture Search for keyword "Diabetes".

Google search results for keyword "Genital Warts". Notice several sponsored ads are bid on this particular keyword alone.

I'd love to give you more examples (and there certainly wouldn't be any end to them), but I trust you get the picture.

In a nutshell, there is money to be made in the health niche online, just by selling information. Make that, PLENTY OF MONEY.

But Here Is Where The Tough Part Really, Really Settles In...

And it's called product development. You see, you don't just sell any kind of Information Product, regardless of what demanding market you're going into. People are going to pay for that information with their hard-earned money so it goes without saying they're going to expect quality information worth investing in.

Maybe you know NOTHING about the health industry in depth let alone the jargon used, (And we use plenty)!

Maybe you hate writing, (Not everyone is very good at it).

So you could outsource your writing jobs to ghostwriters, but how much can you actually afford to pay? (Good ghostwriters are very expensive)!

After all, you're probably a very busy person and you don't have a lot of time in the day, whether you're working in a day time job or wearing the hat of "self employed Internet Marketer"

Nonetheless, you can see there is a HUGE market waiting to be tapped. There are gazillions of opportunities waiting for you and even more gazillions of profits to be made. And you must be thinking there has to be a way around this barrier.

And you're right about that!

Can't wait for next month's products.

Like many other Private Label Rights packages, you offer a lot. But it's what we find once we've joined that separates the doers from the ne'er do wells.

I was astonished by the amount of material you are giving to us. It's incredible and relevant. Not re-hashed ebooks that we've all seen before.

Best of all, you know your subject, or should I say subjects. I mean Medicine and Marketing lol, 

I think I can safely say I'm in good hands with you.

Can't wait for next month's products.

Thanks a lot!

-- Joe,

Announcing Niche Health Products!

You don't have to be a doctor or a nurse. You don't have to be a health freak, either. You just need what it takes to profit HUGELY from this on-going health demand - and I'm offering you the opportunity to tap into my knowledge and vast resources!

You DON'T have to create your own Information Product from scratch.

You DON'T have to churn out multiple content pages to build your web sites.

YOu DON'T have to spend days or even weeks on Niche Marketing research alone.

Because all these have already been done for you, you can literally skip the product development stage and jump-start your health Niche Marketing business in the next 2 hours! Just plug in and profit!

So let's check out what's under the lid, shall we?

Because Here's What You'll Receive From Niche Health Products Every Single Month:

Product 1:

A Professionally-Written Health Related E-Book with Private Label Rights

Every month, you will receive a professionally-written Information Product which is related to the health niche - complete with Private Label Rights (PLR). In other words, you will receive the E-books in Word format, giving you the editable rights!

With these Private Label Rights to the E-books, you can:

Put your name on the E-books as the author,

Edit the titles and contents to be personalized to you,

Put in your own advertisements and affiliate links, and...

Sell them at any price you want!

The E-books are ghostwritten by both myself and my carefully picked team of ghostwriters who are extremely knowledgeable in the health industry so you can conveniently benefit from our works without crediting us... or even share a single cent of profits!

You will also receive a set of graphic covers and headers with each E-book you receive, saving you the work of having to design them let alone hire graphic designers!

So as soon as you brand the E-books so they are unique to you, just convert the Word documents into PDF products using your PDF Converter program and you've got your instant products to sell over and over again!

Product 2:

25 Private Label Articles

Together with your monthly E-book, you will receive a further 25 articles on the same subject - ready with editable Private Label Rights in Word format.

This means you can:

Edit the articles so they are unique to you,

Include your own resource box with your business details and links,

Compile your own special report or E-book, and

Create your own content-rich web sites or blogs and slam in your own affiliate programs and PPC ads such as Adsense to profit from!

For the first time ever you'll find article marketing can be quite powerful and awesomely fun since you don't have to chalk your own articles from scratch! (This will save you hour if not days of time)!

Product 3:

Yet Another 25 Private Label Articles

On another highly searched for health related topic. These articles are especially composed to give you excellent well written content for all those hordes of visitors who will be beating a path to your website. (Not to mention all those search engine spiders).
Again you will receive accompanying graphics.

This means you can:  

Edit the articles so they are unique to you,

Include your own resource box with your business details and links,

Compile your own special report or E-book, and

Create your own content-rich web sites or blogs and slam in your own affiliate programs and PPC ads such as Adsense to profit from!


Product 4:

Hundreds of Tightly-Focused Keywords

Whether you're going for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or optimizing your web pages for higher ranking in the Search Engines, having a list of targeted keywords is no less than crucial.

But I'll save you the time, effort and money from having to do the micro-niche research yourself because you'll be "spoon fed" with my careful research - all done for you!

Product 5:

2 Health Related Xsitepro Specially Built Adsense Sites to complement your above products. (Html versions for those who don't have Xsitepro).

What better way to make money than through Adsense!

With our exclusive search engine friendly adsense sites (built solely for the use of our members), and based on one of our monthly health themes, you'll soon find your websites will be earning you lots of lovely adsense income through all those extra visitors you will be receiving.

But to make the most of what you get from this membership privilege, you will need...
Product 6:

Customizable XSitePro Templates

Here's something that should save you on designing your own layout in building content-rich health-related web sites.

Every month, you will receive an extra customizable XSitePro template in both XSitePro and HTML format, complete with beautifully designed graphics and themes!

You're free to brand and personalize the layout of each web pages so it is unique to you!

Best of all, these templates will complement the monthly products we are offering you.
Product 7:

Web Hosting for Up to 10 Web Sites

Jump-start your multiple health niche business at no additional cost in web hosting - Full Cpanel and Front Page Extensions included!

As the product development phase can be easily skipped and setting up phase speedily accomplished, the ONE & ONLY thing left for you to do is really just reach out to your prospects.

It is that simple. But what if I could help you make it simpler?

Product 8:

"NHP Members Only" Marketing Center

With all the product development taken care of by myself and my team of ghostwriters, all you really need to do is set up your business and market it.

I won't assume you know EVERYTHING. After all, you might still be relatively new to Internet Marketing, or have yet to discover effective methods to really, really market to a world wide audience.

I heard you. That's why I am also introducing the "members only" marketing center where you can pick up all of the essential tools and information you need to kick-start your Internet Business in the right direction - minus the guesswork!

Here's a glimpse at what's in store for you in the "NHP members only" marketing center:  

Not 1 or 2, but 76 video tutorials to assist you in not only creating and putting your health niches business(es) together, but you also get to know ALL the essentials to building your content-rich web pages and sell your product effectively - really, really effectively!

The Internet Marketing library, comprising the all-time best books from Internet's re-known marketers such as Mark Joyner and Rebecca Hagel! And...

A HUGE vault of software and E-books you can use to build and drastically improve your Internet Business in ways you didn't know so well!

The vault of software and E-books alone are selling at $300.00 and above elsewhere, in one brand or another.

But that's not all.

Product 9:

"NHP Members Only" Coaching Forum

That's right! You also get real-time support and coaching from me and my staff through the "members only" forum.

My team and I are ready to help you out with technical support, customer service and marketing consultation whenever you need it.

Our response rate is guaranteed under 24 hours.

There's no such thing as "leaving our customers out in the cold to figure things out" in our books of service.

So how would you like an instant income opportunity upon signing up as a member of Niche Health Products?

To learn how you can take advantage of this amazing income stream, see below.

Product 10:

"NHP Members Only" Affiliate Program

If you have a mailing list or friends and contacts who are interested in starting their very own Internet Business in the Health Niche without all the hassles of product development whatsoever, refer them to this awesome membership site and earn $15.00 per successful sign up!

And you make this every single month - as long as your referred members stay subscribed to Niche Health Products!

There is absolutely NO selling and NO customer service on your part, as they are responsibilities shouldered by myself and my team.

If you refer 3 members to Niche Health Products, you will more than cover your monthly investment.

If you refer 10 members, you make $150.00 a month.

Refer 100 members and you make $1,500.00 a month!

Thoroughly researched and well written

What a bargain
my subscription to Niche Health Products is!

The amount of time I save by not having to research suitable niches, products and keywords and creating products from scratch is worth diamonds to me.

Okay, so I still have to develop the products and articles to my satisfaction but the basic PLR products I get are a fantastic basis to work from and I benefit in two big ways.

1) Because they are already thoroughly researched and well written I don't need to spend my time re-writing the products - all I need to so is some editing and tweaking.

2) The finished products are unique to me!

Besides the PLR material, there's marketing videos and information, an active forum and the customer service is first-rate. This is one membership site that I won't be leaving.

Colour me impressed!

-- Elaine Clay,


Highly recommended

"Excellent content
in your new membership site, the products and articles are very good and your keyword research also helps target the correct keywords for editing the articles.

Highly recommended and very interesting information on these keywords that are consistently popular every month.

For those thinking about joining, this site clearly has a very knowledgeable background in these topics."

-- Kevin McNally,
Paisley, Scotland

 Finding NHP is like winning a Golden Globe, Grammy and Oscar all in the same night.

 NHP is a treasure because it is so focused on the one main subject which is Health!

Health is a strong theme, and you can build on it forever. Cross promotion and sales are so natural,
Anyone digging in and taking advantage of this membership site will soon be flying high.
 If you're looking for a solid gold way to get started making money on the Internet just direct your feet to the side of the street!

-- Mark Walters,

Now, Picture This:

In the next 30 to 90 days, you could be profiting HUGELY and INSANELY from the health market simply by tapping into my vast knowledge

You could be making thousands of dollars selling digital products you DON'T have to stock, manually deliver - or even create from scratch!

The number of income streams you could pull and profit from simply by implementing a few ingenious concepts you can pick up from the "members only" marketing center could be responsible for doubling or even tripling your income with just a little extra thinking and effort!

And what's more, you could be doing all these in undies or pajamas fashion sitting at your computer in the comfort of your own home!

What's more, the irony is that you don't have to be a doctor or a nurse to do it!

OK, I'm Sold! So, How Much Is It?

Here's a quick re-cap of what you'll be getting from this membership access:

Niche Health Product Components
A Professionally-Written E-Book with PLR (per month) + 25 associated PLR articles. $800.00
25 Private Label Articles (per month) $250.00
Hundreds of Tightly-Focused Keywords (per month) $50.00
Customizable XSitePro Template (per month) $50.00
Specially Built Members Only, Health Related Adsense Sites $297
Web Hosting for Up to 10 Web Sites (per month) $50.00
NHP Members Only" Marketing Center $997.00
NHP Members Only" Coaching Forum (priceless!)
NHP Members Only" Affiliate Program (you name it!)
Total Value:

That's nearly $2500 in monthly value!

It's not an overestimated figure since these individual products are sold at their retail prices in the marketplace.

The best part comes in when you benefit to the FULLEST from the coaching forum and getting to decide how much you want to earn from our generous affiliate program - month in, month out!

YES, it would COST you about $2,000.00 (or even more) if you were to assemble your own products and other aspects of your Internet Business.

But if you're like most people, I know very well you DON'T have $2,000.00 to invest. It's a lot of money, in ways more than one.

But because I want to make this incredible opportunity easily available to you, I'll let you into Niche Health Products' exclusive membership site for NOT $97.00 a month, NOT even $47.00 a month, but a low investment of only $39.97 a month!

You can easily cover your investment by selling only 2 copies of $20.00 E-books or refer 4 members to NHP using your affiliate link, and the rest of the money you make allows you to break into easy profits!

Join Niche Health Products Now While It's Still Available!

Last but not least, I'm wrapping up the offer with a:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

 Test-drive Niche Health Products for a FULL 30 days. Check out the member's area.

Download the monthly products. Absorb and apply what you learn from NHP's unique marketing center and set up your Internet Business for profits.

Check the results. When in doubt, look no further than the coaching forum for support and consultation.

I give you my word that it's NOTHING like you've seen in other membership sites.

If for any reason whatsoever, you are not satisfied or feel that it's not what you're looking for, you can get your money back - every cent of it - in 30 days.

The downloads are for you to keep as a bonus incentive for trying Niche Health Products. You cannot possibly lose.


Join Niche Health Products for only $39.97 a month now while it's still available - you should be on your own way to pulling in profits from the health market around the clock - doctor or not!


Ben Shaffer

P.S. Please do not pass up on this incredible opportunity. Thousands of other prospects are reading this same letter as you are right now, and more and more brave individuals will take up the offer knowing the risks are on my shoulders and they have nothing to lose.

You'd do well to act now   before the slots get filled up!

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